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Rawridge is about Ridgebacks, both liver as blacknose types. With our carefull and selective breeding we hope the contribute to a healthy, sweet and strong Ridgeback. Matong (Huntingridge Heart of Gold) is our first Ridgeback and also kept her daughter Tinkerbell.

Matong was born in Australia, NSW (11-03-'11) with a devoted breedster Dianna Brennan. She is not only breedster however also judge for more then 25 years. You can find the link to her website on the page of Matong. We still have regular contact with Dianna. She was present at the WDS 2018 and had a nice chat! 

Matong is a very sweet and intelligent dog. She is calm and attached to family members. In contact with others she can be reserved however mostly friendly and calm, especially patient with (small) children. She loves to eat (a lot), can be a bit jealous, is protective and tends to hunt for deers and rabbits together with her daughter Tink. On our daily walks she does stay close to us and listens really well. No need to be harsh and actually no need for any Ridgeback as their bond with humans is based on trust and not on punishment. Training and obedience for Matong is doable however only with food. She started obedience and agility in Brisbane together with showtraining and in Holland we tried agility. Ridegbacks tend to think and decide for themselves which makes some training not as efficient as one hopes. Patience is the golden rule combined with a sense of humor.

As we moved back to Holland end of 2012, Matong started to like the (fresh) gras in our garden combined with the closeby nature trips. She sleeps a lot like all the other dogs and guards the house. We did go to dog shows on a regular base and have some really nice comments about Matong in both Holland and Germany. Matong herself does not really like the shows however does exactly what we ask from her being a very sweet and obedient girl.

In Groningen on a show early 2014, I noticed Jelany Red Abako and asked his owner Anna about previous litters and his temperament. Matong and Abako were a nice couple and an excellent fit concerning temperament, build and interaction. So Matong her first litter was born October 10 2015 and from this litter Rawridge kept a blacknose girl named Tinkerbell. An extremely sweet girl who hopefully will have her first litter spring 2019. 

Matong her second litter is born on April 9 2017: 3 correct males, 2 liver color and 1 blacknosed. All strong and handsome boys doing well on shows. Father of this litter is Jelany Red Djimbo Farey (Villagedogs Hot Topic x Aresvuma Olana Red). Like Abako from the Jelany Red kennel (from breedster Elena Kamle in Moscow). The boys are very handsome and especially Pont is doing well on (int) shows. You can find his details in 'Rawridge dogs'.

A third and last litter of Matong has been born september 21 2018 (1 boy, 2 girls). A girl of this litter will stay in our home. She will go to show and hopefully later have her own puppies. In 2019 we consider a litter with Tinkerbell so let us know if you are interested in a puppy from Tink.